Thank you for engaging UrbanSherpa. This Claims Policy applies subject to our standard Terms and Conditions as displayed on our Website and as apply to the applicable Delivery Request made by you. Terms defined in our Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Claims Policy.

  1. Claims for late delivery: we do not refund or deduct any portion of the Price for any claimed late delivery but, if we accept your claim, acting reasonably, then we will offer you a discount on your next Delivery Request.
  2. Claims for Product loss or breakage: the Sherpa’s use special transportation techniques designed to greatly reduce the risk of any loss or damage to Products. We are not liable for any defects in a Product that exist when collected by the Sherpa, or which constitute a risk which is inherent in the type of Product (whether obvious or not to a Sherpa), or which are reasonably caused by the natural process of time, temperature and other conditions applying at the time of the delivery, as are relevant to the Product in question. If the Product is very fragile or is otherwise high risk, then you should consider using another mode of delivery (as stated in our Terms and Conditions). You must supply full details of any claim, including photos, dates, times etc. We will assess your claim acting reasonably but will only be liable i) if the Product was in fact collected by a Sherpa; ii) if the Product complies with our Terms and Conditions; iii)
    to the extent the claim is not excluded by our Terms and Conditions or by operation of law; and iv) if we, acting reasonably, accept that the Sherpa caused the loss or damage.
  3. Change of Mind: we are not required to compensate you simply because you or your seller or supplier simply have a change of mind.
  4. Product not Ready for collection by Sherpa: we are not required to compensate you simply because a Product is not ready for collection by a Sherpa or is not permitted by our Terms and Conditions.
  5. Cancellation or amendments of a Delivery Request: some charges may still apply as per the Price Variations stated in our Price List.
  6. Uncollected Products: if a Product is not collected by you as per the requirements of our Terms and Conditions, then the Product will either be held at our Designated Depot for a period, or destroyed, dumped or otherwise dealt with as per our Terms and Conditions.
  7. Other Claims: please detail the claim in writing to our Customer Services and we will consider it in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and respond to you as soon as reasonably possible.

If our Terms and Conditions confirm that you have greater rights than as stated above, we will honour your rights.

Important: as stated at the beginning of our Terms and Conditions, we are not the seller or supplier of the Product to you. The Sherpa merely collects the Product for you and delivers it to you in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Your contract terms, or other rights and remedies with the seller or supplier of the Product do not apply to us.

If you have any questions about our claims policy or would like to make a claim please contact us


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